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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Female vitamin D - sunlight and breast cancer

In recent months, the media of all kinds - both in electronic as well as standard (newspapers, television) can be seen a trend - there are more and more information about the very important role of vitamin D for health. But a lot of these publications indicates the need for taking it in supplement form, forgetting the most important and best source - the rays of the sun. Fortunately, you can also find information more reliable and not leaving suspicions about motives which guided the authors of these messages.

Another medical authority, which highlights the need to maintain a high level of vitamin D in the blood is Dr. Christiane Northrup, known in the United States specializing in the field of women's health. It has released best-selling books including dealing with women's health - Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, Mother-Daughter Wisdom, and The Secret Pleasures of Menopause.

Here is a summary of the article, Dr. Northrup, published in the online newspaper The Huffington Post:

Recent discoveries in the field of medicine leave no doubt - Vitamin D plays in the body much more important role than previously thought. Vitamin D is good not only for children, which protects against rickets and allow proper development of the skeletal system. Optimal levels of vitamin D in the blood of adult humans (40 - 80 ng / ml) to create healthy cells and keep them in good condition. Not only has a positive effect on bone health and strengthening the immune system, but also protects against many dangerous cancers - including breast, ovarian, prostate and colon. New research conducted in the United States show that it is possible to prevent thousands of cases of breast cancer were more women are cared for appropriately high levels of vitamin D in the blood.

The results of the experiments conducted by Dr. Cedric Garland and other researchers dealing with vitamin D have shown that women who witamny D level was 52 ng / ml had a half less likely of developing breast cancer than their colleagues who have this level was 13 ng. / Ml . Garland provides that through preventive action of vitamin D could be avoided every year 58 thousand. breast cancer cases in the United States.

To determine the level of vitamin D just a simple blood test. Five years ago, the standard is 20 - 100 ng / ml, the lower limit at present is increased to 32 ng. However, keep in mind that the level of "normal" does not always mean "optimal".

Women who are diagnosed with deficiency can complete it with supplements. At the beginning, you can take 5000 IU (international unit - international units) per day, and after adjusting levels - from 1000 to 2000 IU per day. It's hard to accept that amount of food. The average healthy serving of fish contains 300 - 700 IU, and milk (considered a good source of vitamin D), only about 100 IU per cup.

For some it may be a surprise, but the best and healthiest source of vitamin D is simply sunlight. Band UVB rays activate the body to produce vitamin that is stored in adipose tissue and used by the body as needed. During the summer and spring months the body can store vitamin D needed supplies for the whole year. This vitamin naturally acquired in this way will never reach toxic quantities. In other words - there is no possibility of overdose, regardless of how much time you spend in the sun. Taken in the form of supplements can be taken in too high doses, which may have a negative impact on our health. In summary - a reasonable contact with the sun's rays (reasonable - ie not supply to burn) is the most common and desirable. This is confirmed by the statistics - the closer to the equator, the less there has been a breast cancer cases, the level of sun exposure is therefore a huge impact on the incidence of the disease.

I encourage all women to regularly check the level of vitamin D and maintain its optimum value. It's very simple - just take each day at approximately 2000 IU supplements and remember to regular, safe exposure to sunlight. It is also a good idea to visit the sun-tanning salon where the devices are equipped with lamps that emit UVB rays. Both breast and whole body will benefit from this. This is the preventive medicine at its best.

Standard solarium is able to produce within 10 minutes in our skin 15,000 and more units of vitamin D. Remember that the vitamin is produced in a natural way and can not lead to its accidental and very dangerous to the health of an overdose.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to care for your skin after sun exposure?

After-sun skin needs special care, because the sun is her false friend - beautifies from the outside - painting on her golden brown, harm from the inside - weaken, dehydrate, desiccate. Not surprisingly, the tanned skin may appear to be unhealthy and interconnect technology. Excess sun increases the risk of discoloration. This is what the sun can spoil, repair proper care, you may want to use it after every sunbathing, not only when the poparzymy. How to care for your skin after sun exposure?
First moisturise
Who does not long for the bliss of idling on the beach, your body envelop the sun, a refreshing sea breeze adds? Fortunately we need not wait any longer - the temperature outside encouraged to take a few days off - only summer shopping yet and we are ready to enjoy hours of warm sunshine. Unfortunately, the sun must be careful. Before leaving the beach is mandatory sunscreen - not żałujmy it. Application renew cream regularly and after each wiping with a towel. A day at the beach is a delight for the soul and body ... - of course, but on condition that sunbathing use with caution. Unfortunately, often the result of long hours of sunbathing is dry and rough skin that is tight and overheated. It is a signal that your skin needs a drink. Although our skin it produces natural moisturizing factor, but after long sunbathing needs the support of appropriate cosmetics. The cosmetics market after sun exposure is a whole bunch - from lotions, the creams, gels, masks and body mist spray. RECOMMENDED preparations are all based on hyaluronic acid and urea. Well, if after-sun cosmetic contains in its composition of collagen and elastin - substances known as "youth serum". Why? Well, the sun can contribute to degenerative changes in the fibers of collagen - which accelerate the aging of the skin - says Dr. Claudia Zwiorek-Czech, aesthetic medicine specialist in the Polish-British Institute of Aesthetic Medicine - Face & Body Institute.

How to care for your skin after sun to be beautiful, bright and gushing health? After returning from the beach is designated a summer shower - will alleviate the unpleasant feeling dry and pinched the skin and rinse off sand and salt residue. Shower not only provides a refreshing, but it will allow the skin to breathe. Leaving the body without a shower after exposure to the sun makes the skin begins to simmer, then will be plugged, and the toxins are in the body.
When with tan lines and there are bubbles
Tanned skin is a showcase of a good holiday - but if you look after the holiday on a heavily battered, which is a common accident, resulting from exposure to the sun, it is worth it then buy specialized moisturizing treatment. For dry and dehydrated skin will be perfect Biomorphose treatment. Biomorphose long moisturizes the skin, ensuring its freshness and nutrition, and for that perfectly relaxing. The treatment starts with relaxing massage, so that again you'll feel like the warm beaches of the exotic, even the farthest corners of the world. The cases used spirulinową water that has detoxifying effects, so that our skin will look rested and fresh. Also stimulates cell renewal treatment Algonative. Algonative is a program of protection and moisturizing. With the application of two masks, acts in two ways - relaxes and moisturizes, and tightens the skin, lifting and working - says Agnieszka Gomolińska cosmetologist from Krakow Face & Body Institute. Algonative is recommended as a preventive anti-aging, and this is good news for people who have recognized that, with tan skin appeared on the first pobruzdowania and blackheads. But these are not the only signs of an overdose of the sun. Every once occurred sunburn - do not panic time yet, burn, do not immediately mean that the odds of getting skin cancer. Burns should be treated as a warning. Local burn may mean that we have the genetic tendency to stain - then the dye is distributed unevenly in the skin or there is a local lack of resistance to the sun. Discoloration can be not only bad for our skin, but also health. It is important to specify the type of discoloration held, since some spots may develop melanoma - one of the most popular varieties of skin cancer.
Discoloration - unwanted holiday souvenir - how to get rid of stains and whether they are dangerous?
Discoloration of the skin are caused not only directly by solar radiation. There are also the result of photoallergic reactions of the organism. It is created under the influence of skin contact with certain substances, and also if the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light - resulting in redness and pigmented lesions. Such substances should be retinol, and many alcohol-based cosmetics. Going to the beach, if you do not want to have unwanted souvenirs in the form of pigmented spots, so give up the heavy makeup, and certainly do not wash it to a liquid containing alcohol in its composition. Particular caution in dosage sun should keep people who have acquired pigmentary traits - they are often taken for melanoma. This type of cancer can sometimes look like a normal "mole". To diagnose which signs are safe and which are not - you do not immediately sign up for a visit to the oncologist and perform a biopsy, just go to the cosmetics and dermatological center, which has dermatoscope. Dermatoscope a device equipped with a camera and special software that allows you to look at your skin and determine the nature and characteristics of signs. Dermatoskopy but have the disadvantage that the programs contained in them are not able to identify the type of dye. Using dermatoscope it is not possible to assess whether the percentage point change bezbarwnikowych, which also may develop skin cancer. More accurate results are obtained by SIA-Skopia - said Dr. Claudia Zwiorek-Czech .. So far, the only diagnostic apparatus operating on this principle is the Mole-Mate. This device enables the diagnosis of pigmented tumors and bezbarwnikowych, it also helps to assess the damage posłoneczne. This allows the doctor can precisely determine the type of therapy. Not all pigment patches are dangerous, so they do not need to cut, but they are very aesthetic. Helpful in getting rid of those safe, but unattractive stains can be laser. The light beam emitted by the laser penetrates the skin, and pigment - melanin absorbs the energy. So heated dye cells are broken down and removed by the body's own lymphatic system. The way to get rid of unsightly stains posłonecznych treatment is also using radio waves. Treatment Radiolase emitting radio waves of high frequency leads to the evaporation of various changes on the skin, while leaving no permanent scarring - says Agnieszka Gomolińska cosmetologist. If you are wondering how to take care of your skin after sun to be beautiful - diagnose it - because beautiful skin is healthy skin in particular.
Maintenance and diagnostics posłoneczną should always be used when you lay your skin to UV rays, not just when you get burned. Beautiful skin is not only an ebony color is above all a healthy and radiant complexion, without wrinkles and spots posłonecznych.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Suntan" in a tablet

Recently offered an alternative to tanning in the sun or tanning bed becomes known. sun in capsules. In the pharmacies, there is oral preparations containing, inter alia, beta-carotene, which gives the skin, even without sun exposure, the effect of slightly tanned skin, and in people using tanning accelerates the tanning process. By using a mixture of various antioxidants, they protect the body, including the skin against harmful UV radiation. They are recommended for use throughout the year.

Too much of everything will make you sick

Using the services of a solarium, we must remember that there is no safe or healthy tan tanning. Tanning without the sun does not protect us against UVB rays of natural sunlight, tanning is much less durable than natural, significantly accelerates skin aging. If, however, despite the many warnings the decision to uphold the use of the solarium, opracujmy your individual tanning program, selecting relevant to our skin, the severity and intensity of the desired cosmetic tan.

Remember that just like a normal sun exposure, there are many oral medications that may contribute to skin sensitivity to UV radiation and, consequently, it burns both in sunlight and in the case of tanning in the solarium. These include, among others, certain anti-inflammatory medication, acne, or contraceptives. A similar effect can lead to drunk before sunbathing or celery juice, some quite popular, herbal infusions, such as St. John's wort. Among the photosensitizing system may also include preparations of alpha-hydroxy acids so. AHA, perfumes or dyes, which are components of color cosmetics. These substances under the influence of sun exposure may contribute to the emergence of allergies or pigment spots appearing on the skin.

Skin care

New on the market are becoming care products that contain various measures that cause the effect of iridescence, which is especially attractive looks tanned skin. Among the raw materials of such action on the important of metal oxides deposited on mica, glitter, gold particles. Preparations for use in a solarium are available in different forms: cream, lotion, gel. Recently, it is particularly convenient to use cosmetics spray and ampoules. In general, preparations are offered separately for face and body tanning.

Keep your tan for longer

Another segment of the tanning preparations is aimed at people already tanned. Cosmetics intended for this audience include raw materials, and widening tan tan refresher. These include, inter alia, providing products known. tingle effect. The term derives from the word to tingle: pinch, cause tingling. And indeed, when applied to skin preparation there are such feelings, which also accompanied by heat release effect. Contained in the cosmetics a tingle compounds cause dilation of small blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation, which provides better oxygenation of the skin and stimulates the tanning process. As a result of surgery achieved a natural tan color but with a slightly red tint. After the completion of a tingling sensation quickly subsides.

The most frequently mentioned material during the tingle effect include: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg. The recipes of this type of preparation can also be found chemical compounds, including nicotinic acid derivatives - methyl or benzyl nicotinate. The resulting tan to a large extent depends on the recipe used in the system and its concentration. The intensity of the tingle is assessed on a scale and ranges from 0 to 3 Characteristic value of the preparation should be placed on his opakowaniu.Kosmetyków this type should not be used by people having a sensitive skin, prone to dilated blood vessels.

The last group of preparations for tanning a refresher resulting color cosmetics intended for use after sunbathing. They should not only moisturize the skin, but also cause the neutralization of free radicals, which may arise as a result of tanning. The beauty of this group include lubricants such as glycerin, urea, hyaluronic acid, proteins, amino acids, plant extracts m in. aloe. An important group of compounds are also widely used inhibitors of free radicals, effectively protecting cell membranes from their effects, which include vitamins E, C, carotene, coenzyme Q10. Necessary in their formulations are also raw materials soothe irritations and revitalize your skin: D-panthenol, bisabolol, allantoin, algae, trace minerals, chamomile.